Dear Friends,

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gong Hey Fat Choy! Happy New Year!

As we enter this Year of the Ox, we find the United States divided and a world still dealing with a global pandemic. People are weary and confused, and some feel they have lost a sense of what “normal” should be.

But there is hope in the air with the rollout of vaccinations to combat Covid-19. There is also a realization that our differences need to be discussed civilly and that we need to come together to ease our collective suffering.

Let’s look forward to our communities overcoming both the coronavirus and the increased fear and racism that has come with it. Can we all try to take a deep breath and start anew? Can we look inside ourselves and think about how we can help our neighbors? Can we substitute negative posts on social media with helpful messages and calls to action that unite and strengthen us as a whole? Hate just leads to suffering – by all of us.

The 1990 Institute’s new video program and our other educational activities are designed to raise awareness and inform Americans about the lives of Chinese people across the ocean and of Asian Americans who are an integral part of our society. We are also offering a newsletter, a reference library, and other programs in digital formats that are interesting to read and easy to use. There are many good and interesting things that we can learn about another culture and people. We also need to continue to learn more about the realities of what it takes to compete successfully on a global basis in an arena that has been so changed by technology and world developments. 

The 1990 Institute has high hopes for 2021 and beyond. We encourage you to follow and participate in our programs which will be interesting, informative, fun, and positive. And objective and balanced. Please support us and join us on this journey. Thank you!

Wishing all of you a safe, healthy, productive, and happy new year.



Dan Chao

1990 Institute
P.O. Box 383  | San Francisco, California 94104

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